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The First Training Session

Finally I have made my first training in SMA 8 Jakarta about line follower robot.

For some robotic fans, line follower robot is not very interesting because it is very common.
But what I tried to make in my high school is a foundation about robotics extra curricular, which is started with the basic principals of electronics. And one of the beginning level robot project to make is line follower robot.

Line follower robot is a robot which can follow a line by reading it through sensors. I remembered when I participated in several competitions in college. I learned a lot about robot from doing those simple robot projects.

Within the project, hopefully the students will begin to understand:
– the basic of micro controller
– how the sensor works
– how the basic electronic circuits work
– how the motor works

Well, beside the training things, for me it is really fun to do something what I used to do in college. Because making robot is so interesting. It is indescribable feeling that seeing the combination of nuts, bolts, electronic things can move like a living thing.

The first module of the training will discuss about microcontroller and sensors.
It is important to introduce the micro controller first to these students because micro controller, for me, is the most amazing thing in my college life. With this tiny thing, we can make almost anything.

So, let’s have fun again :D