Finally today is my last day of 10 off-days.

Thank god I think I have spent the off days for incredible things!
– went to the wedding party of my cousin in Surabaya
– went to Lombok and Gili Trawangan and have a lot of fun
– went to Pangandaran and Green canyon
– bought a lot of things like clothes, shoes

Although it was very fun, I’m kinda bored for the rest of the days to be spent at home. I was thinking If only I had 1 week of days-off, I would be bored to death!

I think human are really weird, while they are busy, they demand for vacation.
But when they take too long vacation, they demand busy working days again!

However, life needs to be balanced between working and vacation.
have a great integrated work-life is one of the ways.

Once a friend told me, when you do something you love, there is no working days, because every day will be vacation days because you are passionate and having fun by doing it!

tomorrow will be my first work day of the year,
it is time to get the spirit up!

HAPPY WORKING 2012 folks!

Social Network

This is, undoubtedly, a NERD MOVIE.
and it is AWESOME as well. :D

I do love this movie very much because Jesse Eisenberg played the character of a nerd, who is Mark Zuckerberg in real life, very well.
even he made a lot of controversial against his friends and colleagues, that is not because he had some sort of thinking to insult them.

he is really a nice guy, actually. He is just a man who will give fu** to nobody when he does something he loves : Making facebook.

while doing that, he forgets about the brothers from Harvard who asked him to work together on this (actually not work together, they are just people who has money and want to pay people to make something for them) and even Eduardo, who really cares about him, before.

I was impressed by Eduardo loyalty to Mark as a friend in the beginning of the film.
” do you split up , Mark?”
“yes , i did”
” I’m here for you”

but mark doesn’t give a fu** about him, poor Eduardo, haha.

well actually that is a good movie to watch. will bring your dreams walking into Harvard Univ and have brilliant mind like Zuckerberg. hopefully I can walk to Harvard someday, when I do my masters program in its neighbour, amen :D

Passion and Dreams

it will be very fun if you do what you love to do, and more over, you can earn your living from that!

I do really jealous for some people who have found their passion in working and earn living for that.

For example is my apprentice friend at IBM.
He was offered a job from the most successful IT company in the world, but he choose to build his own shop instead of working for the company.

He started to build his own batik fashion shop and now he is so passionate about it since I always see him in a happy expression, full of smile even though his shop makes him to sleep only 2 hours a day and makes him to spend all his energy, but it seems doesn’t matter for him because he is so passionate about it!

I do remember Steve Jobs when he said this in his commencement in Stanford in 2005.
he said;

“The only way to do great works is to love what you do. you’ve got to find what you love. If you haven’t, keep looking. DON’T SETTLE”

wish I gotta find that.

Welcome Back

It has been 2 years since I updated this blog.
And here I am now, reblogging again.

until now I am not sure why I am so moody about blogging.
Some times, i think that buying a personal web site for blogging is expensive, because I will rarely update it . It happens for my web ardyadipta.com before.

it is now unable to access.

well, just that for today.

enjoy your day! :)