Quality Control of Non-Automated Parts Assembly

Computer Vision class project CMU 16720 in 2014.
Teammate: Aaron Nye


This computer vision program is developed to analyze the individual steps of an assembly process to ensure the user correctly follows the given instructions and supplies feedback if incorrect.

Sample cases for this program are:

  • Interactive game for children : children can play assembling colored blocks based on specific directions and our program gives feedback whether the steps have been followed correctly or not.
  • Manufacturing: Can help validating that parts assembly is completed in its entirety and accurately

Quality Control using CV


How to do this:

  1. Check color of the building blocks by determining the composition of Red Green Blue value using camera
    Color detection
  2. Check the location of the building blocks by detecting the corner and edge of the building blocks
    Check location of building blocks
  3. Check orientation of the building blocks by measuring the angle of vertical line and horizontal lineOrientation Detection
  4. Finally, through the GUI, we can give feedbacks to user about the building blocks assembled
    Matlab GUIFeedback

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