In this page, I present my work related with ROS (Robot Operating System) by Willow Garage.

ROS is a really powerful tool for robotics development especially in real-time systems. There has been a lot of questions asking about why using ROS? In a simple explanation, you can read camera image, doing object detection and object following algorithm, control your motor , even communicating with other powerful stuffs such as Matlab (yes, there is already bridge connection between Matlab and ROS, so you can run really complex equation in Matlab and having it connected to your ROS to execute the result of that complex calculation in Matlab) in single computer. If you only use Arduino, you won’t be able to do all of this.

In one word: Amazing. You can install ROS in Linux-based computer, and run it on your robot. There has been a lot of Linux based embedded PC such as Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone. Install your ROS on that cute little PC, and put it on your robot. Done!

If you want to learn ROS, here is good tutorial:

I have been doing ROS for a while and most of them are in PYTHON, and one project I have implemented is :

Communicating with network camera using ROS in python, publish it to other nodes using cv_bridge in ROS Image message.


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