Spacecraft Hull Inspection Robot

Space Jockey – Spacecraft Hull Inspection Robot

This project is part of my Master program in CMU and still ongoing. our team which consist of: Brian, Dipta, Nate and Songjie started working from August 2013 until April 2014 in order to apply our course works.

Space can be a dangerous place. Wild swings in temperature, micro-meteoroids, space debris, and radiation all pose a threat to vessels, stations, and satellites in orbit. Inspecting, repairing, and cleaning these craft with astronauts can be expensive and dangerous. Our team  is working to create an alternative: a mobile, observant robot that can monitor the surface of an orbiting craft and perform a range of repairs and cleaning operations.

Spacecraft Hull Inspection Robot

Spacecraft Hull Inspection Robot

My role in the team is as an electrical engineer and also software engineer for visualization of the robot. Together with Nate, I designed the power distribution system for the robot and also implement visualization and localization of the robot using AprilTags and Wi-Fi Camera.

For more details, please visit our team’s web site at here.

Our Robot's objective

Our Robot’s Missions

Robot’s traversing the wall

Inspection Using Computer Vision



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