My Robot’s autonomy project

This semester we are given a team project in robot autonomy class, which has to make a robot autonomous, or can do its tasks without any human interventions.

My project this time will be highly related to Quadrotor project with Prof. Nathan Michael, he is one professor who developed the real cool quadrotor project in Upenns before.

See it here in the TedX video on Youtube!



One thought on “My Robot’s autonomy project”

  1. Wah keren dip, gw dulu pernah liat video TEDnya prof.vijay kumar ttg agile quadrotor!!itu gokil bgt, bukan pake acceleration lg, tapi pake jerks!!nampaknya yg ini jg ya,hehehe…boleh dip diupdate kalo sempet ini status Robot’s autonomy class-nya udh kyk gmn,show off dikit,ya ga!hahaha…

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