The Most Difficult Task

After all of these years, I have realized what the most difficult task is.
It is referred to one of the great quotes :

if you would like to be an expert, try to practice 10000 hours. It works.

Yup. That’s it. Everyone can be an expert if they would like, and willing to work hard.
But basically,  it is one’s skill which can achieve 10000 hours of practicing faster than the others.

One can accomplish the same goal in 5 years, another one in 3 years, even another one just in less than 1 year.
All based on their skill in time management.

As we live on the same planet, the same universe, we are all given 24 hours a day.
Someone who is successful, someone who is not, a doctor, a professor, a president, a star-singer, a criminal, a dropped-out student, all are given 24 hours a day. Not much, not less. The same time, different result. How can that happen?

be thankful of time given to you. Like the river, there will never be the same water flows twice in the same place.
It is also difficult for me to manage the time.


Just an introspection of me.

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