Finally, the Problem is Solved

It has been a few days for me not updating this blog.
There was a problem in a customer that was quite complex.

Actually, it was MORE than complex, because the root cause would never be found if I did not contact the developer team of MIMIX.

MIMIX, like any other software, has a service pack upgrade patch which is released every moment of time, could be weekly, monthly, or 2-monthly.
By default, upgrading means making it better from the previous version.
Correcting bugs, improving its feature, etc.

But this time, it was a special case.

After upgrading to new version, the software kept falling down every couple of times. The log files told me that there was a network problem. Helped by the network team, I tried to investigate about the network. Could be the device A or B the problem, I have analyzed every possibility device that might be the root cause of the network problem. But I did not find any clues, then I tried to trace the network using network tracing tool called Wireshark.

After get the data from tracing the network, I was also advised by the network expert from IBM that told me that the network was FINE.

So I escalated again to the MIMIX support team, then they arranged a meeting with the developer team to help investigating what happened.
Then it was found: the new version has a bug. And after that they fixed the bug as soon as they can.

The next day, they released a fix patch for the software regarding the bug I reported. Mission accomplished, problem was solved :)

It took around 2 weeks to ensure that there was a bug in the software, because it was the last option or the last suspect I thought might happen for this 10 years old software. And it did happen.

The lesson is: Every thing is possible. There is no problem that cannot be solved, just do not give up to find it.

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