After seeing today’s 9gag post :

I could not agree more.

This is the best film of Adam Sandler, ever.
For anyone who think that their life is not satisfied enough, for those who always say that they do not have enough time, this film punches those questions back. “Do you really do not have time? or you just make it seems like that?”

The moral of the story is the best. Once we say that we do not have time, we will never have it.
More importantly, do not forget to whom you have to make priorities.

Even after I watched this several times, it still reminds me for thanking the god about how beautiful the life is.

“I will do that after I get promoted, I will do this after doing those works, etc..”
If we follow the situations like that, we will never have time for ourselves, for our families, etc.

Once my mentor told me that, “Works will never end, because after you finish one, the other will come. Spare time for yourself and your families, and friends.”

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