Upgrading MIMIX

Although I have done several times upgrading MIMIX service pack, there’s still errors happened during this night.

What can I evaluate is:

1. Remember that we have to be in the Management System for Ending the MIMIX
2. Make sure that the user space is not taking too much storage, otherwise, the backup step when installing the new version will be very slow. Things need to be done: Sysreq, end the job of upgrading, delete the user space, then restart it again.
3. Make sure that all the systems which we want to upgrade are ready to be upgraded. Upgrade all the system in the same time. Because ending the MIMIX will impact to another systems related.
4. Don’t forget to End the MIMIX at all systems first, and then END the subsystem
5. Be calm and do not panic.

Well, just a random note from a sleepless guy during the saturday night, still working..

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