Working Late? Why Not?

During recent days, Jakarta has been raining every day.

And as we already know, when it is raining in Jakarta, the traffic goes really bad, especially during the time for people leave work to go home.

In my case, as my office is located in Plaza Indonesia, which is near Bundaran HI, it takes around an hour and a half travel time to go to home from my office.

But, when I go home late, around 11PM or 00AM, the traffic will all be mine :D

Yesterday I left the office at 23.55 , and arrived at home at 00.10. Amazing isn’t it? The traffic which usually takes an hour and a half, yesterday only took 15 minutes.

So, why not working late?

Sometimes, I feel that working at night is more productive, actually it is a common thing to do when I was still in college.

Though, I can be more productive by spending the rest of an hour and 15 minutes, sitting in front of my laptop doing works in the office, waiting for the traffic jam, and then go back home when the traffic is all mine.

Oh Well, Jakarta..

3 thoughts on “Working Late? Why Not?”

  1. I see what you did there :D
    *you’re still same as you were in the college. probably, you’re gonna change your habit if you already have someone special who’s always waiting for you in your home :P

    1. I’m not leaving you buddy. You go ahead first, lah,, hahahaha
      Yup, just use our time like this as we want because when you have your family, there’s so much things need to be concerned. :D

  2. Agree!
    For me, traffic doesn’t really matter since I will just take MRT for going home :p

    But, I also feel productive working at night, not so much distraction since morning is a perfect time for gossiping and afternoon is perfect for sleeping :))

    Another reason, I don’t really know what to do at home if I go home :D

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