One Last Class

It has already been 20 hours of my GRE class.
Due to my next-studies requirement, I took a GRE class in Kaplan in Jakarta.
From what I’ve learned, GRE is really difficult in their Vocab!

for the Math though, High School’s math in Indonesia is much more difficult. Surely i’m not kidding you. the most difficult of GRE math is combination and permutation.

Many vocabs are difficult also for native speakers, even though my teacher, which is from USA. Well, I am thankful to be taught by him, he is too damn smart and genius. And his English is very fast .

Learning math can be doe at home by ourselves. But learning vocab and the other metaphors? can only be taught by the experienced ones. let me give you an example. Many vocabs have different meanings while they are described in a sentence with the ones described word by word in the dictionary. To learn about this, it can only be made sense by learning from someone who really is capable.

well, enjoy