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After seeing today’s 9gag post :

I could not agree more.

This is the best film of Adam Sandler, ever.
For anyone who think that their life is not satisfied enough, for those who always say that they do not have enough time, this film punches those questions back. “Do you really do not have time? or you just make it seems like that?”

The moral of the story is the best. Once we say that we do not have time, we will never have it.
More importantly, do not forget to whom you have to make priorities.

Even after I watched this several times, it still reminds me for thanking the god about how beautiful the life is.

“I will do that after I get promoted, I will do this after doing those works, etc..”
If we follow the situations like that, we will never have time for ourselves, for our families, etc.

Once my mentor told me that, “Works will never end, because after you finish one, the other will come. Spare time for yourself and your families, and friends.”

Social Network

This is, undoubtedly, a NERD MOVIE.
and it is AWESOME as well. :D

I do love this movie very much because Jesse Eisenberg played the character of a nerd, who is Mark Zuckerberg in real life, very well.
even he made a lot of controversial against his friends and colleagues, that is not because he had some sort of thinking to insult them.

he is really a nice guy, actually. He is just a man who will give fu** to nobody when he does something he loves : Making facebook.

while doing that, he forgets about the brothers from Harvard who asked him to work together on this (actually not work together, they are just people who has money and want to pay people to make something for them) and even Eduardo, who really cares about him, before.

I was impressed by Eduardo loyalty to Mark as a friend in the beginning of the film.
” do you split up , Mark?”
“yes , i did”
” I’m here for you”

but mark doesn’t give a fu** about him, poor Eduardo, haha.

well actually that is a good movie to watch. will bring your dreams walking into Harvard Univ and have brilliant mind like Zuckerberg. hopefully I can walk to Harvard someday, when I do my masters program in its neighbour, amen :D