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Finally, the Problem is Solved

It has been a few days for me not updating this blog.
There was a problem in a customer that was quite complex.

Actually, it was MORE than complex, because the root cause would never be found if I did not contact the developer team of MIMIX.

MIMIX, like any other software, has a service pack upgrade patch which is released every moment of time, could be weekly, monthly, or 2-monthly.
By default, upgrading means making it better from the previous version.
Correcting bugs, improving its feature, etc.

But this time, it was a special case.

After upgrading to new version, the software kept falling down every couple of times. The log files told me that there was a network problem. Helped by the network team, I tried to investigate about the network. Could be the device A or B the problem, I have analyzed every possibility device that might be the root cause of the network problem. But I did not find any clues, then I tried to trace the network using network tracing tool called Wireshark.

After get the data from tracing the network, I was also advised by the network expert from IBM that told me that the network was FINE.

So I escalated again to the MIMIX support team, then they arranged a meeting with the developer team to help investigating what happened.
Then it was found: the new version has a bug. And after that they fixed the bug as soon as they can.

The next day, they released a fix patch for the software regarding the bug I reported. Mission accomplished, problem was solved :)

It took around 2 weeks to ensure that there was a bug in the software, because it was the last option or the last suspect I thought might happen for this 10 years old software. And it did happen.

The lesson is: Every thing is possible. There is no problem that cannot be solved, just do not give up to find it.

The First Training Session

Finally I have made my first training in SMA 8 Jakarta about line follower robot.

For some robotic fans, line follower robot is not very interesting because it is very common.
But what I tried to make in my high school is a foundation about robotics extra curricular, which is started with the basic principals of electronics. And one of the beginning level robot project to make is line follower robot.

Line follower robot is a robot which can follow a line by reading it through sensors. I remembered when I participated in several competitions in college. I learned a lot about robot from doing those simple robot projects.

Within the project, hopefully the students will begin to understand:
– the basic of micro controller
– how the sensor works
– how the basic electronic circuits work
– how the motor works

Well, beside the training things, for me it is really fun to do something what I used to do in college. Because making robot is so interesting. It is indescribable feeling that seeing the combination of nuts, bolts, electronic things can move like a living thing.

The first module of the training will discuss about microcontroller and sensors.
It is important to introduce the micro controller first to these students because micro controller, for me, is the most amazing thing in my college life. With this tiny thing, we can make almost anything.

So, let’s have fun again :D

Working Late? Why Not?

During recent days, Jakarta has been raining every day.

And as we already know, when it is raining in Jakarta, the traffic goes really bad, especially during the time for people leave work to go home.

In my case, as my office is located in Plaza Indonesia, which is near Bundaran HI, it takes around an hour and a half travel time to go to home from my office.

But, when I go home late, around 11PM or 00AM, the traffic will all be mine :D

Yesterday I left the office at 23.55 , and arrived at home at 00.10. Amazing isn’t it? The traffic which usually takes an hour and a half, yesterday only took 15 minutes.

So, why not working late?

Sometimes, I feel that working at night is more productive, actually it is a common thing to do when I was still in college.

Though, I can be more productive by spending the rest of an hour and 15 minutes, sitting in front of my laptop doing works in the office, waiting for the traffic jam, and then go back home when the traffic is all mine.

Oh Well, Jakarta..

When I were Remembering My Self in the past

I am now 23 years old, not old enough, but not teenager or very young anymore.

Sometimes I do really think that if I could go back to the past, there are so many things that I regret. If I did this, If I were this, if i didn’t do this, If I went there, etc.

Well, how regretful I am, I will never can change that. it is the past.
The most important thing is now.

Like what Han said in the Fast Furious Tokyo Drift.

“life’s simple, you choose, don’t look back”

It is OK to look back about our mistakes, but to evaluate not to happen in the future. Don’t stuck in the past. What had happened in the past, stays in the past. The only thing we can do is to be better and better every day.

and remember, without having mistakes in the past, you would not have your self in the present. Our decisions, our ways, our mistakes, have brought ourselves to be what we are today. Maybe if we didn’t do that thing in the past, you will do it in the future, which will impact worse.

Keep positive thinking, don’t stuck in the past. Keep going.

Fun Karaoke Day

2 days ago I had a very fun night spent in Karaoke room with my friends.

One of my favorite song is Jet Lag and You’re Suck at Love by Simple Plan.
Yes, I do love their songs from their instruments and lyric, especially the second one.

I do really hope that some one also read the lyric of the second one.

But the most awesome song that night was songs by Chicago, maybe that kind of music we can call it everlasting songs, even when we were singing it it felt like we were from 90s alumnus , haha :D


Finally today is my last day of 10 off-days.

Thank god I think I have spent the off days for incredible things!
– went to the wedding party of my cousin in Surabaya
– went to Lombok and Gili Trawangan and have a lot of fun
– went to Pangandaran and Green canyon
– bought a lot of things like clothes, shoes

Although it was very fun, I’m kinda bored for the rest of the days to be spent at home. I was thinking If only I had 1 week of days-off, I would be bored to death!

I think human are really weird, while they are busy, they demand for vacation.
But when they take too long vacation, they demand busy working days again!

However, life needs to be balanced between working and vacation.
have a great integrated work-life is one of the ways.

Once a friend told me, when you do something you love, there is no working days, because every day will be vacation days because you are passionate and having fun by doing it!

tomorrow will be my first work day of the year,
it is time to get the spirit up!

HAPPY WORKING 2012 folks!

Welcome Back

It has been 2 years since I updated this blog.
And here I am now, reblogging again.

until now I am not sure why I am so moody about blogging.
Some times, i think that buying a personal web site for blogging is expensive, because I will rarely update it . It happens for my web before.

it is now unable to access.

well, just that for today.

enjoy your day! :)

Bung Tomo

Abis nonton ludruk tadi malem di Aula barat ITB,

sempet ditunjukkan video bung tomo


Seandainya zaman sekarang ini masih ada pemimpin seperti beliau atau soekarno yang berani berteriak setulus jiwa seperti ini..