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RIP Yofanka

My deepest condolences for our friend Angelina Yofanka, who had an accident during rafting in Garut, West Java.

It happened on Sunday, February 5th, when she joined rafting with her colleagues. With her 4 friends, their boat was hitting a rock and they fell, 4 of their friends were rescued and she was drown into an undercut.

The chronology can be read on the web from her colleagues made:

Based on the web , it is written:

Undercuts can be very dangerous as we will discuss in this article. Undercut rock formations are often quite irregular and may capture river debris like trees, branches, and manmade objects. Either way if you are in your boat or out of your boat, passing through an undercut rock is a crap shoot. Seldom can you see under the water surface and what you don’t see can be very deadly indeed. Since undercuts are typically in rapids the force of water can be really strong as well. Undercut rocks are created where the water is most forceful like the outside of bends, waterfalls and high ledges, and sometimes in mid-current like the clam shell formation on Railroad Rapid on the New River Gorge.

As told, it can be deadly indeed. Hopefully next time they can be more careful with this likely natural dangerous challenger.

Be at peace Yofanka.