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Finally, the Problem is Solved

It has been a few days for me not updating this blog.
There was a problem in a customer that was quite complex.

Actually, it was MORE than complex, because the root cause would never be found if I did not contact the developer team of MIMIX.

MIMIX, like any other software, has a service pack upgrade patch which is released every moment of time, could be weekly, monthly, or 2-monthly.
By default, upgrading means making it better from the previous version.
Correcting bugs, improving its feature, etc.

But this time, it was a special case.

After upgrading to new version, the software kept falling down every couple of times. The log files told me that there was a network problem. Helped by the network team, I tried to investigate about the network. Could be the device A or B the problem, I have analyzed every possibility device that might be the root cause of the network problem. But I did not find any clues, then I tried to trace the network using network tracing tool called Wireshark.

After get the data from tracing the network, I was also advised by the network expert from IBM that told me that the network was FINE.

So I escalated again to the MIMIX support team, then they arranged a meeting with the developer team to help investigating what happened.
Then it was found: the new version has a bug. And after that they fixed the bug as soon as they can.

The next day, they released a fix patch for the software regarding the bug I reported. Mission accomplished, problem was solved :)

It took around 2 weeks to ensure that there was a bug in the software, because it was the last option or the last suspect I thought might happen for this 10 years old software. And it did happen.

The lesson is: Every thing is possible. There is no problem that cannot be solved, just do not give up to find it.

Upgrading MIMIX

Although I have done several times upgrading MIMIX service pack, there’s still errors happened during this night.

What can I evaluate is:

1. Remember that we have to be in the Management System for Ending the MIMIX
2. Make sure that the user space is not taking too much storage, otherwise, the backup step when installing the new version will be very slow. Things need to be done: Sysreq, end the job of upgrading, delete the user space, then restart it again.
3. Make sure that all the systems which we want to upgrade are ready to be upgraded. Upgrade all the system in the same time. Because ending the MIMIX will impact to another systems related.
4. Don’t forget to End the MIMIX at all systems first, and then END the subsystem
5. Be calm and do not panic.

Well, just a random note from a sleepless guy during the saturday night, still working..