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Simple Mobile Robot Controller Smartphone and Raspberry Pi

I spent this Saturday doing a fun project: controlling a mobile robot using raspberry pi and smartphone device. I would like to learn about using Raspberry Pi and how to implement a web server on it to enable it being controlled via network.

The tools that I need:
Raspberry Pi with Raspbian installed, and a wifi dongle
a mobile robot platform
motor controller

Actually this is pretty straightforward, so here are the steps:

1. Implement web server on Raspi.
I implemented web server on Raspberry Pi using instruction from this instructables:

2.  Edit the control.php from that instructables at point 1 to control the LED on the motor controller for testing. I added buttons to control GPIO 7 and 8 for the LED. The edited file: Control.php

3. On the RaspPi, Download the python library for the motor controller from this site. I also made a simple function to move the robot forward, so that I can execute it by typing “python” on the shell script at point 4. Here is the code:

4. Update the GPIOServer.h from that instructables I mentioned on point 1 by adding pin 7 and 8 to control the LED and pin 17 to instruct the robot to move forward. This shell script will be run all the time to read the database of the input output that are implemented in point 1 &2.  Once it finishes reading the database, it will echo GPIO pins on the RaspPi. This is the updated code:

And after that, by connecting your smart devices to the RaspPi, you can control the robot. Have FUN!

My Robot’s autonomy project

This semester we are given a team project in robot autonomy class, which has to make a robot autonomous, or can do its tasks without any human interventions.

My project this time will be highly related to Quadrotor project with Prof. Nathan Michael, he is one professor who developed the real cool quadrotor project in Upenns before.

See it here in the TedX video on Youtube!



The First Training Session

Finally I have made my first training in SMA 8 Jakarta about line follower robot.

For some robotic fans, line follower robot is not very interesting because it is very common.
But what I tried to make in my high school is a foundation about robotics extra curricular, which is started with the basic principals of electronics. And one of the beginning level robot project to make is line follower robot.

Line follower robot is a robot which can follow a line by reading it through sensors. I remembered when I participated in several competitions in college. I learned a lot about robot from doing those simple robot projects.

Within the project, hopefully the students will begin to understand:
– the basic of micro controller
– how the sensor works
– how the basic electronic circuits work
– how the motor works

Well, beside the training things, for me it is really fun to do something what I used to do in college. Because making robot is so interesting. It is indescribable feeling that seeing the combination of nuts, bolts, electronic things can move like a living thing.

The first module of the training will discuss about microcontroller and sensors.
It is important to introduce the micro controller first to these students because micro controller, for me, is the most amazing thing in my college life. With this tiny thing, we can make almost anything.

So, let’s have fun again :D

Preparing the First Material Robotics Training for SMAN 8

Few weeks ago, I have been contacted by one of the high school student of my former school, SMAN 8 Jakarta to give a robotics training for them.

As a basic training about robot for high school student, me helped by my dude Berry have decided to give a line follower robot training. The goal is to make a line follower robot for the next 3 months , hopefully the timeline can be kept as planned.

It will be a very fun tasks to do, since I started working, I have never had any chance nor reason to make robot again, let’s begin the FUN this first day training on this Saturday :)