MeDipta is here. I just graduated from Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotic Institute,  in Master of Science in Robotics System Development in Dec 2014.

Currently I’m working as a software engineer (embedded system) and electrical engineer at a startup company in Pittsburgh called LifeShel. I work on the firmware on a bluetooth low energy (BLE) chip called Bluegiga using Bluegiga script and also work on Arduino & C++. I also design the PCB circuit from scratch, designing the schematic and layout board, including board assembly and testing using surface mounted devices components.

I graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung in West Java, Indonesia, in October 2010 majoring in Electrical Engineering, which mainly focused on electronics and robotics. After I graduated from undergrad, I worked at IBM for almost 3 years as an IT Specialist before coming to CMU to pursue my master’s degree.

I really love to build things! I’ve always been dreaming of making robots since a kid. It’s like giving life to inanimate objects. Robotics field varies from electrical (as its blood), mechanical (as its bones and muscles) and software (as its brain). I believe that in the future smart systems with artificial intelligence will have a huge impact to people’s life.

Following my passions, I have done many projects as seen below, to visit the related page, click on the description.

As a result of my passion and hard work in robotics, I won the national smart robot contest held by The Minister of Higher Education of Indonesia in 2009 and was given the Best Algorithm Award for making a fire fighting hexapod robot. I also participated in Trinity Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest in Hartford, Connecticut, USA, and achieved 4th winner in 2010 and 1st winner in 2011.

I spent my summer in 2014 working in a startup company, Lifeshel (www.lifeshel.com), as a electrical engineer RnD who designed, assembled, and tested 100% of their very first product, Whistl, an iPhone case which is intended for sexual assault prevention. If the user is in danger, by pressing a button on the case, it will trigger a very loud 120dB alarm and strobe light, making the attacker blind for a moment. It will also trigger an app on the phone through Bluetooth Low Energy to notify and send GPS location to families and police.

I had worked at IBM as an IT Specialist and Project Manager since September 2010 to July 2013. My job was highly related to IBM AS/400 machines and disaster recovery software named MIMIX. I was responsible to help the sales team giving enlightenment to the customers from the technical side, design the solution, and do the software implementation. There were about 20 customers which I handled and mostly are major banks in Indonesia.

Working in IBM has given me experience and an outlook of that, in the future, smart computing will rule the world, a computer that can think and decide instead of just doing if-then-else algorithm.

Following my passion in robotics and smart computing, I decided to pursue my next study in robotics in one of the best, oldest and the leading robotics institution in the world, Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University.

During my days off, I love to travel and do scuba diving in the beautiful sea of my home country, Indonesia. If you are looking for a company for traveling in the US or Indonesia, shoot me an email!

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